Open Grill and Campfire Night


Every Friday Night at 6:00 pm

May - September
You’ve heard of “Open Mic Night” at different venues where a stage is provided for all who want to sing? At Redeemer we have “Open Grill Night.”
We provide the grill, you provide whatever you want to eat! The entire community is invited to come grill with us. How does it work? –Simple – just bring whatever you want to eat and drink. We will cook it up for you or you can grill it yourself. After dinner we sit around the campfire and make s’mores. If you have a favorite lawn chair you might want to bring it.

If you want to make a special contribution, bring a side dish to share, a bag of charcoal or some pop or chips. It’s all about sitting around, eating, and making friends. It’s a “church picnic” every week, rain or shine!

What is Open Grill Night?

Open Grill Night is our weekly summer barbeque and campfire during the summer months. We start the grill and people show up with food. The event is held on our beautiful, spacious church grounds. It’s a shared meal and a picnic every week. It’s a time to relax and celebrate the summer season.

What is the Schedule?

The grills are set up and ready to go at 6:00 PM every Friday night from May through September. We start the fire pit around 6:30 and make s’mores after we get a good bed of coals. We generally close it down between 8 and 9:00, but you can come or leave whenever you want according to your own schedule and what works for you.

Who’s Invited?

All are welcome! The entire community is invited. Adults, kids, teens, seniors. Everyone. Pets are welcome too (but bring a leash). Invite your neighbors, bring your friends. It’s a time to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.

What Should I Bring?

Bring something for the grill. Bring a side dish. Or a dessert. Bring some charcoal or some wood. Or bring nothing at all. There is always plenty for everyone. Paper plates, napkins and silverware are available. In fact, it’s a great place to get a good meal if you are having trouble making ends meet.

What Does It Cost?

There is no admission fee.

What if the Weather is Bad?

The building is open so we can always cook or eat inside if necessary.

Why Do We Do It?

At Redeemer we work especially hard during the winter months to make sure that everyone is safe, clothed, and well fed. Summer is our time to relax, recharge and have a little outdoor fun. We do it because we have a beautiful outdoor space that should be filled with life and laughter. We do it because life is short and should be enjoyed.