Serving Opportunities

Each of us has been entrusted with special gifts from God, including time, skills, spiritual abilities, talents and finances. We believe that God wants us to activate these gifts and release them into the world by allowing the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us.

There are many opportunities to share your gifts here at Redeemer. We encourage the development of new ministries as the Spirit leads. We are not afraid of change here at Redeemer – we are a church on the move!

God’s Work Our Hands!

At Redeemer we ask our members to consider filling out a Time and Talent Survey to help us find appropriate ministries based on each individual’s interests, abilities, and passions. When you join the church, Our Pastor and members will be very happy to help you discover and use your gifts for service to the Lord.

For example -
  • If you have a passion for social justice or hospitality, you might want to help with the Rotary food distribution or daytime drop-in.
  • If you are an experienced musician you might want to share your talents at Sunday Worship or Praise & Prayer.
  • If you like to cook you can use your skills for Parish Fellowship events, PADS meals or our Cookie Walks.
  • If you like to work with kids you could help with Sunday School or VBS. If you are a medical professional or teacher you might want to go on a mission trip to Haiti or teach a class.
  • If you like public speaking you might want to read scriptures or participate in one of our dramas.
  • If you are a good administrator or event planner you might want to help us start up a new program like a USDA summer lunch program for children or Friday night barbeques for the community.
  • If you are outgoing and friendly you can encourage others in the faith with a smile and encouraging word.
  • If God has blessed you with abundant financial resources you may wish to help us repave our parking lot, build a new storage shed or finance mission trips. These are just a few examples of ways that you might use your gifts to do God’s work - the possibilities are endless!!